ISO 20121 Sustainable Management System

Case Construction Equipment committed itself into sustainable development achieving the ISO 20121 certification for the Case Roadshow Wild Park Derbyshire (UK) from the certifying body TÜV NORD Italia. The standard applies to the design, organisation and execution of the event that are consistent and aligned with the company’s sustainability strategy.

The environmental, social and economic aspects of the event are carefully analysed for improvement. They involve and influence all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, dealers, clients and guests, partners, local communities) and their behaviour.

The sustainable event management applied to the Case Roadshow Wild Park Derbyshire (UK) includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of attention and action:

Waste management and circular economy:

Encouraging separate waste collection management in the location where the event takes place by involving our suppliers and stakeholders.

Containment of emissions from staff mobility and test drives

Reduction of the environmental impact by optimizing the number of vehicles used to reach the event, encouraging Case Equipment's staff to reach the location by car-pooling and utilising a few electric models for test drives.

Land conservancy

Restore the area used for test drives as it was before the event

Sustainable Procurement Management:

Integration of environmental and social sustainability criteria when evaluating and selecting goods, services and suppliers.

Improvement of the social and economic impact in the territory and communities involved:

Measurement of the economic and local employment impact generated by the event.

Diversity and inclusion:

Ensure event facilities are fully accessible to people with disabilities.


As required by the ISO 20121 standard, a sustainability report specific for the event will be produced at the end of the year showing the results achieved and the points for improvement for the future.